Early Lear‚Äčning Centre


Welcome to Puddleducks...

Open 7:30m-6pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays).

Puddleducks offers an alternative from short day preschools and large scale childcare centres catering for no more than 25 children per day. 

This allows the staff to really get to know and bond with your child. 

The carefully planned learning environment and resources allow for the development of skills and socialisation while the close and caring connections between the children, families and staff is similar to that of "a home away from home".

We understand how precious your children are and make their happiness and growth our priority. The trained and experienced owners and educators have a genuine passion for high quality child care, teaching and learning and receive ongoing training and development. To prepare the children for school the qualified teachers plan and prepare a weekly program which allows for both intentional, structured activities and children's spontaneous input; this supports children to construct their own ideas, to discover, explore, and develop their sense of agency.

We understand the importance of environmental learning and are passionate about giving the children opportunities to be in touch with the natural world and explore methods of sustainability. We have rabbits, chickens and an eco area for the children to care for, building their sense of belonging and responsibility.

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Educational Program

At Puddleducks we follow an educational program that caters for  individual needs by incorporating their interests, experiences, culture and community to ensure that the program is relevant and meaningful to each child's life. This allows children to create a positive disposition towards learning.

Research shows that children learn through play, by interacting with others and their environment. We have taken great care to design an environment which is welcoming and provides children with varied opportunities for choice; fostering their sense of agency and independence.

A child's family plays a central role in their learning and development we encourage families to share their cultures and talents and interests to become part of the learning program.

The children are encouraged to participate in both planned and spontaneous experiences including:

  • Individual and whole group experiences
  • Dramatic play
  • Music and movement
  • Problem based learning experiences such as puzzles, games and manipulatives
  • Exploring the creative arts
  • Language and literacy
  • Physical development activities and experiences
  • Science based activities that involve observing, hypothesising and discovery
  • Developing social skills such as cooperation, empathy and respect for others
  • Long term projects
All children have their learning journeys documented and a Kinderloop Application for parents to follow.

At Puddleducks Early Learning Centre we follow the principles, practices and outcomes of the National Early Childhood Curriculum, The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) supporting all children to reach the five learning outcomes of the Curriculum Framework:

Children have a strong sense of identity
Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Children are confident and involved learners
Children are effective communicators.

What our families are saying

The staff are excellent. They are warm, welcoming and always very engaging and supportive of the children. They are well structured with learning, activities, events and school readiness program. They have animals and a garden for the kids to experience. We've been more then happy with Puddle Ducks and we and our daughter will miss them when she goes to school this year. 

- Dean